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Start investing as low as $200 USD using a Cent Affiliate account!

Profits without the stress

Money in your own account

Simply connect connect your own RoboForex account to our proven secure and profitable trading robot (EA), earn profits monthly and withdraw your funds anytime you want.

Fully automated trading

Our trading robot (EA) runs in a secure, proven reliable, and scalable server infrastructure and can perform trades 24/5 at a speed no human can do. Get technology to work in your favor.

Battle-tested strategy

Our proven secure smart hedging strategy allows you to profit no matter the direction the market goes. Safety techniques are also used to tremendously reduce the risk and maximize your earnings.

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Proven consistent results

See below the live results of a real Cent Affiliate account, verified by CopyFX.

Simple to get started


Create your account

Create, verify and fund your MT4 Cent Affiliate account in RoboForex with at least $200 USD ($20,000 USD cents).


Connect to AtomFX

Visit our CopyFX page, click
the  Invest  button, set the copying mode as "Proportional" and click  Subscribe to Trader .


Earn your profits

See the transactions being copied in real-time into your account and earn profits every week.

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

We will guide in the simple process of using a system that copies all trades we do into your account. Thus, you will benefit from professional-grade trading strategy that runs 100% in autopilot and generates you profits every day.

Can I withdraw the money at any time?

Sure. Your money is 100% in your own RoboForex account. We do not have access to it and you can withdraw at anytime you want, in your own terms.

What is the price?

You only pay 20% of the net profits generated in our profitable trades. If we don't make you profit, you don't pay anything, not even the VPS rental.

Is it safe?

Our smart hedging strategy allows you to gain money no matter the direction the market goes. Stop loss and other safety techniques are also activated to tremendously lower the risk of losses and maximize profits.

What are the payment methods?

The fees will be automatically discounted from your earned profits at the end of each week.

Do you have a proven history?

Yes, absolutely! You can see the real-time update of one of our real accounts, verified by CopyFX, in the section "Results".

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Consistently earn 15% to 30% monthly forex profits on autopilot.
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